Hi Steve – This is Amber Miller. I participated in a dirt bike tour this past Monday 8/3 at your facility. I just have a few things to say, THIS TOUR WAS THE BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never provided feedback or made a post about any of my experiences, and I am a world traveler. However, I have to take the time and tell you that your staff is the best, they were all very welcoming, but Paul the instructor stood out the most. In fact he was AWESOME and then some!!!!! This was my first time ever on a dirt bike, he trained me well and helped build my confidence in a short amount of time. He was so patient with me, and I truly appreciated that, without him I highly doubt that my experience would have been as enjoyable or safe. I felt I was in great hands at all times. Now on to the tour…it was hands down the most amazing tour and experience ever. I am back home now, but if I had more time in Canada, I would have most definitely signed up for another tour, as I have caught the bug!!!! Long story short Trail Tours needs to be listed on Trip Advisor as one of the best tours in the Toronto area. I am going to look into signing up so that I can rate and list your company on the site, as I found you through a Google search and not on Trip Advisor, which is a website many tourist utilize when traveling and looking into activities. This is the best kept secret in the area. More people NEED to know about your company, so they can fall in love like I did. This was my third trip to Canada, and whenever I revisit or here of anyone visiting I will be sure to send them your way. Trail Tours rocks!


Thanks again for the awesome day. I was able to accomplish so much more than I ever would have expected I could do with just a few hours on the bike. I went from never being on a motorcycle or ever having driven a manual car even to feeling very safe and competent on the trails and pits we rode. It boggles the mind. I never would have done it without you guys. Kevin was an awesome instructor.

I’ll have to see if I can get a few of my buddies out if you come back in July. I feel like it’d be totally worth spending another day with you guys.

All the best!


Hi Steve,

Just wanted to provide some positive feedback about my experience at trailtours, it was just Awesome!!!, all very well organized, great staff, I had two different guides (young man and young Lady), both were incredible helpful, gave clear explanations and have the best attitude. I look forward to come back sometime soon.



Good Morning Steve,

I was one of the group that came to the Dirt Bike instruction & ride on May 1, booked through Lynne Vautour. I wanted to tell you that we had a great time and the staff were awesome. The staff catered to the different abilities our group had and ensured everyone have an enjoyable experience. I was very anxious going there and I have already recommended your place to two other people at work so far and I know there will be more.

Thanks for accommodating us on Sunday, May 1st. It worked out perfect for us regarding scheduling.

You have a Great place and great people working there, the only downside is my legs are so sore I’m walking very tenderly and now everyone wants to buy a dirt bike!

Wendy Adams

Hi Steve,

Your team is top notch providing all the support needed to have a great time. Judith had reached her saturation point earlier than me. So Steve took me out into some single trail work in the remaining half hour. We really appreciated having the one-on-one attention. This really allowed us to break the street training quickly.

In particular, with both Judith and I working with Motorcyclecourse.com teaching the m1 exit program, we placed our selves in the student role. I find this that the first day of training in both disciplines exhausts the novice. We were nothing but novice students today and now exhausted. I think my wife at aged 72 and me not too far behind found the double wide tails with the sand a good workout. When we could we stopped and enjoyed the forest and environment. All in all it was a great pleasure to take the course.

Have a great season Steve and best wishes in your project there. Good Work!!!!


Just wanted to say thanks. Truly a great experience. The instructor Alex was fantastic he made the learning part real easy. My kids loved it and are now all over me to buy dirt bikes.

Thanks again

Ray Caruana

Hi Steve

I was up on Sunday and I would like to take a minute to thank you first for opening on a day that you are usually closed and second for providing a day of none stop fun and excitement your staff was enthusiastic and engaged always there to help with a tip or suggestion to make the ride enjoyable I had a fantastic time and will absolutely make my way back up again.

Thanks Andrew Currey


Didn’t get a chance to introduce my self and say hello, but I did want to write and give a big thanks to you and all your team for today. My kids had an incredible day, and even though my son got bruised a bit both he and his sister had a great day.

Also, please extend my thanks to Dean, he worked with my kids all day and did a fantastic job. I got to watch his teaching with the kids and it was really great.

My kids are already talking about buying their own bike and coming back soon.

All the best
David Van Remortel

Hello Steve,

This email is long overdue, my sincere apologies for this… but I couldn’t let more time go without again saying THANK YOU to you and your entire team. I was so impressed with your program and have been raving about my first experience on a bike since. My trainer, Dylan, whom I had for the day was such an excellent teacher. He was patient, respectful, careful, clear with his instructions and with just the right amount of edge to push me not beyond my boundaries, but to push me just enough that I was doing far more on the bike than I ever would have thought possible on my first day out. His experience and insight was on mark, as for your other team-members I too have to say, how remarkable just how much everyone made me feel like a welcomed participant and not just someone playing in their yard that had no right being there… Again, Steve, you and your team run an incredible program, safe, fun, knowledgeable, patient, kind, and again…so much FUN!

I will be back, hopping for another ride before the season does come to an end, otherwise you will see me a couple of time again next season as you have me hooked. I will be looking at getting my own gear in good time, another few rides/lessons with your group and I feel nothing will hold me back.

A couple of questions, any chance you know what Honda model I was on? I believe it was a 150CRF, but it may have been a 250?? I have a picture of the bike, with licence plate at home if that will help, I will get that this evening and forward to you and second question, when do you close up shop for the season…are you running classes in September?

All the best, stay cool!

Jenn Sweet

Hi Steve,

I just want to say Thanks a ton for such a fun experience that I got to share with my friends!

They are now all hooked and want to return again! :- )

I also want to say that the second time I returned I learned so much more with skills and drills with Paul.

Safety was always top priority , he was respectful and treated everyone equal with a ton of patience …especially for us Old Girls! ; -) Thanks I again!

Hi Steve,

Just spent a great day training with Barry Morris at the Trail Tours facility in the Ganaraska Forest. The weather was perfect, the staff excellent & Barry brought his Aussie humour & wit to the training which made it very enjoyable & relaxed.

I picked up a lot & my confidence levels have increased considerably. We covered topics like balance, stand up / sit down cornering, wheelies, pivot turns, log hopping etc. Everyone was super supportive & there was no pressure at all which was great (I was to tired at the end of the day for the hill climbing but really enjoyed watching the others give it a go).

I’d also like to give a tip of the hat to the staff at Trail Tours. Every question I asked was addressed professionally & with demonstrations. It didn’t seem to matter who I asked, they all had the knowledge & were able to both explain & demonstrate the skill on the bike. I have no hesitation in recommending their services to anyone! Just a great day overall & I look forward to the next time.”

Thx for a great day & the personal wheelie demonstration with the Honda Reserve. I’m the guy with the Yamaha WR250R that was struggling with the wheelies. That little demo impressed on me that it’s all in the timing & technique & little to do with horsepower & gassing it.