Prices include hst & processing fees.

Day Full Day
9am – 3pm
Half Day
9:00 am – 12:00 pm OR 12:30 pm – 3:30 pm
3:30pm – 6:30pm
Mon-Fri $284.35 $200.10 $200.10
Sat – Sun $300.13 $200.10 $200.10
Optional Insurance $25 $15 $15
Bring Your Own Bike $195 $115 $115
RX Ride $45 extra
Group of Four + $15 off per person
Our booking system has set capacities to abide by COVID-19 guidelines as well as our safety guidelines. We apologize if the date you would like is unavailable and urge you to select a different date asap to ensure you get an alternate date that fits your schedule.
If you feel you have been provided with exceptional service feel free to tip your guide.

Prices include bike or ATV rental, expert instruction/guidance, gear rental (boots, chest protector, helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, jersey, pants, goggles and gloves), fuel, liability insurance, and a trail pass. Trail Tours staff reserve the right to evaluate your riding ability when assigning you to a bike.

Payment by credit card or cash; We use square for payments, accepting VisaMasterCardAmerican ExpressJCB or Discover logo as well as Interac Debit cards. Make sure your card is able to accept the charge before you come.

Group and corporate rates apply to groups of 4 or more.

Half Day: $15

Full Day: $25

The Insurance is up to $100 on air cooled bikes, $200 on water cooled bikes and $1000 on ATVs.

This means you will only have to pay for any damage up to $100 , $200 or $1000. Anything over that amount is covered by the insurance.

Example Aircooled bike: If you damage a mudguard valued at $80 , you would have to pay the $80, if you damage numerous parts on the bike valued at $1600 you only have to pay the first $100 then the insurance covers the rest.

Dirtbikes and ATVs cannot be ridden together in a mixed group.

Dirtbike and ATV instruction lessons are separate, they also ride in different areas.

Please be advised if you are booking in a group mixed with dirtbikes and ATVs you wont be riding together.

Passengers cannot be taken on dirtbikes or ATVs, solo riders only.

For the full day program, you will arrive at the base by 9:00am and begin the sign in process where you complete the necessary paperwork and make payment. After being outfitted with appropriate riding gear, you will be asked to attend a group riders’ meeting. By 10:00am all riders will be assigned to their appropriate groups and will begin their programs.

Beginner level riders typically spend the morning on our site learning the fundamentals of riding a dirtbike/ATV. More seasoned riders will be placed in a group of riders with similar experience. Advanced training techniques and a thorough warm-up/assessment will occur before the trail ride begins. Customers will have the opportunity to change groups based on either their riding level or their desire to accompany other members of their party throughout the day.

All groups will meet back at the base for 12:00pm for a 45 minute lunch break.

Due to COVID-19, the decision was made that Trail Tours will NOT be supplying lunches or drinking water for customers. Customers will be responsible for packing their own lunches and drinking water. Trail Tours will not have any food or any beverages for sale.

  • With the distance from our compound to restaurants or convenience stores, it would not be feasible for customers to leave our compound to visit restaurants or convenience stores to purchase lunches or beverages during lunch break.
  • In the interest of the environment, we ask customers to pack lunches in reusable containers when possible.
  • Coolers with either ice or reusable ice packs are highly recommend as we do not have refrigerators for customer use.  

The afternoon ride will commence after lunch and continue until 3:30pm.

For the half day/evening program, you will arrive at the base begin the sign in process where you complete the necessary paperwork and make payment. (Morning half day riders arrive at 9:00am, afternoon half day riders arrive at 12:30pm, and evening riders arrive at 3:30pm.) After being outfitted with appropriate riding gear, you will be asked to attend a group riders’ meeting. Within the first hour all riders will be assigned to their appropriate groups and will begin their programs.  Due to the increased level of training time, we do not guarantee that beginning level riders will make it into the Ganaraska Trail System.  Our facility has many trails for any level of riding.

We ride rain or shine! Many of our staff travel a fair distance to be here and are booked in advance based on customer numbers. Please be respectful and show up for your scheduled rides.

Please refer to our cancellation policy if you are thinking of changing your booking or rescheduling.

At trail tours, we offer customized off-road training to cater to all degrees of ability. Whether your riding style is conservative, average, above average or technical we ensure that you receive training that fits your comfort level. Just want to Explore? We guide experienced riders, and groups on tours through the Ganaraska on modern Honda Bikes and ATVs

Many of our customers have never ridden before, we have an excellent program for those new to trail riding. Our goal is to introduce you in a safe and exciting way to the sport we love so much. Over the last twenty years we have introduced thousands to the thrills of dirt-biking.
We have a special program designed for those with street riding experience. Skills learned in the dirt serve all riders and improve safety and overall ability on road.

Off road motorcycling is one of the most exhilarating things you will ever experience. We have an excellent training facility and experienced staff, and a fleet of current Honda bikes,  with the world renown Ganaraska forest as our playground. Experienced or returning riders can also join us on pre-planned tours on one of several varied trail systems in Ontario.

Trailtours is the largest and oldest off road training operation in Canada – we have over 25 years of experience, and will make your day unforgettable.

Trail Tours offers a wide range of Honda vehicles for use with your visit.

Dirt Bikes: from 50cc, 110cc, 125cc, 150cc, 230cc, 250cc.  *note the 250RX bikes are a premium competition ready bike. There is  an additional cost of $45 and the rider will be assessed prior to being eligible for use.

We also have a limited number of dual-sport bikesatvs, and trials bikes available. Please ask for further information if interested.

ATVs and dirt bikes cannot ride together due to safety reasons. They have separate training courses and ride in separate areas.

No – we do not offer bike rentals without a guide or instructor. Insurance regulations forbid it.

During sign in we ask your rider level, this is so we can put you in an appropriate group and offer training suited to your ability. We teach all levels of rider – but you must be able to ride a bicycle.

Here is a list of rider levels and what they mean:

Beginner:  Never ridden a motorcycle before, only bicycle experience.  No experience with a standard transmission required, but it is an asset.
Beginner plus: Just starting out on 2 wheels,  experience on a scooter, once or twice on a street bike, or lots of mountain bike experience. You can drive a standard vehicle.
Novice: Experience on the street  or some limited experience off-road. You must be capable with the clutch and familiar with all motorcycle controls.
Novice plus:  Seasoned street bike riders with years of experience, with some off road time. Beginners returning for their second ride would be considered Novice plus. Dirtbikers who  have not ridden for many years and are returning to the sport.
Intermediate: Intermediate riders have some dirt bike experience. Returning customers who have been with us more than once are usually considered intermediate, as well as Motocross riders interested in getting into trail riding.  Intermediate and above riders may join us on a variety of trail rides outside of the Ganaraska.
Intermediate plus:Riders with lots of trail riding experience, who are interested in learning more advanced skills or just adventuring on more technical trails.
Advanced: Advanced riders have ridden with us many times or have extensive dirtbike/competition experience, and usually own a dirtbike. Advanced riders are expected to easily handle the most technical trails in the Ganaraska.
Expert: As you might expect, Expert riders have many years of riding and competition experience (Enduro, Hare Scramble, Hard Enduro) .Expert riders can enjoy a tour of the Ganaraska, but for a more challenging experience we suggest you join us for one of our off site rides.

Risk Tolerances – where you might fit in – We do our best to ensure that every rider gets training suited to their ability. By choosing a rider level, instructors assume you have the skills listed – We can always move you up a level – but moving down can be demoralizing. If you are risk averse, it is better to start a level below to practice and improve technique as opposed to “pushing the envelope” and potentially getting hurt.

After sign up we provide you with a full set of riding gear. Riding gear is crucial to stay protected when riding off road.  We have a shipping container full of gear and can accommodate most sizes from child to adult.
Gear includes: helmet, goggles, head sweat, knee and shin pads, elbow pads, riding pants, jersey, chest protector, gloves, and boots.
Gear is washed between rides, if you have your own equipment feel free to bring it. You will need socks and undergarments.

We are located one hour east of Toronto, just 25 minutes south of Peterborough. Customers will be met by Trail Tours staff at a carpool located at Porter Road and the 115 Highway at the time agreed upon in the booking confirmation package.  Our facility is located nearby.

No, unless you are going to take part in a Dual Sport tour for which you would require at least an M2 license.

We ask that participants be at least 7 years old.

ATV riders must be over 16.