Custom Trail Cutting

Trail Tours now offers a new service for 2017!

If you own an acreage, why not enjoy it to its full potential.

Trails give access to parts of your property that you could not otherwise
Trails add value to a property.
You could receive a tax break for “forest management” on your property
Trails allow you to visit particular points of interest on your property
Trails give access to fire wood and other natural resources

Services included:
Trail planning and design
Trail building services
Trail maintenance
Trail mapping

Each trail is different, so the cost to build a trail varies on the length, soil type, conditions of topography etc.
We specialize in mountain bike, hike, dirt bike, ATV, UTV, snowmobile, cross country ski, snowshoe trails.
In some cases, culverts, gravel, corduroy, and bridges are utilized in the process to make a long lasting, sustainable trail.
We strive to be environmentally aware and will do our very best to have as little impact as possible on the land.
Hand tools are used to make most of our trails but we also have heavy equipment to get the bigger jobs done.

$280 per day for mini excavator and operator

We are based in the Bowmanville Ontario area. Our work zone is Ottawa to Woodstock and as far north as Hunstville